Here we go again…

Holy Cow!!! My boat and I are caught in another Huge Storm. Here we go again…

I lay here in my bouncing bunk. The saftey net is hooked in place, keeps me from flying out of bed. I hang on for dear life. This is got to be a lot worse then riding a Brahma Bull in a rodeo. Its scary, a hell of a ride. For sure its going to last a lot longer than nine seconds. The wind screaming through the rigging. Giant waves pounding, smashing against her hull,
crashing down on deck, with a thunderous rage. I say my prayers, beg for mercy. My boat shudders and I tremble every time we get hit by a Big One. Terrified again, it feels like the boat is going to open up any second. How on earth can she survive this? What a great boat, what a heart. A heart of a champion.

The little air vent in the cabin roof, with a solar powered fan, is supposed to be water tight. Tell that to the North Atlantic Ocean. I try really hard to read a bouncing shaking book, with a shaky trembling flashlight. In a desperate attempt, to keep my mind off the fear of drowning any minute. I’m reading Captain
Joshua Sloacum’s book, “Sailing Around the World” He is my hero. Captain Sloacum was the first man to sail “solo” around the world.  He did it in 1895. A Gigantic Wave comes crashing down on the us,  sea water is squirting in the cabin through the little vent above me. It gets Captain Joshua and me soaking wet. I put the wet book aside.

Excerpt from Tim O’Connor’s book: “Part One Frantic Romantic”.
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