Holy Cow.

The Squall Wall: I count 11 Huge Black Anvil Clouds blocking our path. Holy Cow. I hurry below put on my foul weather gear & safety harness. Scramble back on deck I quickly lower the sails and hoist the small storm jib. Its made for 40 knot winds plus. I reef the mizzen. The wind really picks up, Theanna blasts off for the Wall of Squall.

Auto pilot holding our course, while I struggle to tie main sail to the boom, That done, I clip my way to the cockpit, release the auto pilot and take over the wheel. My eyes searching for a weakness in the Squall Wall. I think I see a small opening in between two of the oncoming Black Anvil Clouds. I aim Theanna for that one gray spot with my fingers crossed. Theanna is so damn fast, the deep blue sea is moving by quickly.We get lucky, I manage to worm our way through that opening in-between those two. The wind is blowing really hard, it rains cows and horses on us for about ten minutes.
Theanna slips right through the black worm hole unscathed popping out the other side.The Black Squall Wall is behind us now. The sun is always shinning behind the clouds.

That is so true, its sunny again. We sail on across the deep blue sea.

Excerpt from Tim O’Connor’s book: “Part One Frantic Romantic”.
More? Check his website at: www.hitchhikingpoet.com