I saw The Red Dolphin

I think I see an Iceburg!! This large, odd shaped object sticking out of the shadows of the sea.

Next thing I know. These Dolphins pop out of nowhere for a visit. Its such a joy to watch them, leaping gracefully out of the water. Show time. They don’t stick around long. Disappearing in a twinkle of the eye. Now you see them, now you don’t. Short but sweet, a magic act at sea.

A real thrill for me. “You all come back and see us!” The sunset is fantastic, the sky turns red. Dolphins show up again, leaping over the setting sun. Turning into a spectacular moment. A Dolphin leaps into the air, the red sky reflecting on its wet skin. Branding an awesome memory into my soul, a lasting impression.
I saw The Red Dolphin. Dolphins play, and I howl at the moon. I’m a lone wolf at sea.