Solo Sailing” to Vlaardingen by Tim O’Connor

In the forward cabin, the Captains quarters. I lay in my bed, so fatigued, my body aching, I’m so depressed. Theanna is bouncing all over the place. I’m completely used up, big storm outside, giant waves. The wind is howling through the rigging. I’m very tired, I really feel like giving up, I don’t want to move another inch.

I need help. I reach for the bible on the bookshelf next to my bed. I need advice. I open it and immediately see this line. A very special saying. It jumps out at me. Poetic words of Jesus in red print. “Be of good cheer”, “Depart, make haste”. Sounds like good advice. I saw a vision of Jesus in my minds eye. He extends his hand out to me. I reach out and grab it pull my self out of bed. With a sudden surge of energy running through my veins. My basic survival instincts kicking in. I force my body out onto the rocking wet deck, with my safety harness clipped on. Slowly I haul up a double reefed mainsail, a small jib, leave the reefed mizzen up.
Her 3 sails filled with wind, like on the wings of an angel, she takes off like a bird.Underway again, at last!

Excerpt from Tim O’Connor’s book: “Part One Frantic Romantic”.
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