Solo Sailing” to Vlaardingen by Tim O’Connor

A glorious exploding ball of fiery light, rising out of the deep blue sea, lighting up the day!

Just then to my surprise and dismay, I see a real nemesis on the horizon. Fast approaching. Another row of black anvil clouds heading our way. I consider double reefing the main sail. Then again there’s no time for that, I must hurry. I hoist the main and then the jib, I trim the sails. With a big storm approaching, the wind picks up fast. Theanna takes off like a rocket.

The main sail can take up to thirty knot winds and more. got to go for it while I can.

I leave the sails up, put the pedal to the metal, maybe we can out run those suckers. Theanna sneaks by the squalls unharmed. I’m so relieved, I didn’t bother to double reef the Main Sail. Instead of being caught with our pants down. We left them on and ran our ass off.

Escaping danger.

Excerpt from Tim O’Connor’s book: “Part One Frantic Roman