Solo Sailing” to Vlaardingen by Tim O’Connor

The ocean looks incredible, so alive and friendly, the waves always waving at me.Then suddenly the wind stops and a fog rolls in, it gets thick quick. Hard to see the bow now. Sails still up, we are just crawling along, sailing in a big cloud. I can heara ship blowing its fog horn, way in the distance. Then it hit!!!

First, the fog lifts like a curtain, to expose a dark black sky. It looks so scary, evil.The wind speed doubles, in a instant. A storm is coming. We were moving along nicely for five minutes, then all hell breaks loose. With my safety harness on, I clipmy way up to the sails. I drop the main sail first, fast as I can, I fold and tie it to the boom. Theanna is bouncing all over the place, wind speed increasing.
Waves get bigger and bigger. Up and down we go. I get to the jib.

Take it off, stuff it down the hatch. I make my way back to the  cockpit. Go below, get out the storm boards. I put them on the main cabin windows, just before the howling wind blows  themout of my hands.

I go below, say my prayers, hanging on for dear life. The Big Storm rages on!

Excerpt from Tim O’Connor’s book: “Part One Frantic Romantic”.
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